“The Ultimate Radio Experience: Phoenix Radio – Broadcasting Across the UK and Beyond”
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a Happy New Year

Phoenix Radio, emerging from the legacy of NRG 107 FM, honours its roots while embracing a new era. Broadcasting internationally from West Sussex, England, our rhythm resonates with the best of the 1960s to the 1990s. Embracing diversity, we showcase independent and local artists, enriching our playlists hourly.

Unveiling Tomorrow’s Soundscapes

Explore the future with Phoenix Radio. We’re building a platform for upcoming artists, welcoming them into our vibrant musical family. Stay tuned for exciting opportunities for deejays to host remote shows, reshaping our schedule and sonic tapestry.

Evolving Melodies, Connecting Worlds

Beyond borders, Phoenix Radio bridges the gap between eras and continents. Join us on this musical odyssey, where nostalgia meets innovation. We’re not just a radio station; we’re a global community celebrating the power of sound.

Our own player app is now available on Google Play.


Timeless Tunes: Immerse yourself in an unparalleled journey through the decades.


Spotlight on New Voices: Elevate your playlist with fresh, independent sounds.


Global Harmony: Connect with music enthusiasts worldwide in our vibrant community.


Interactive Experiences: Engage with live shows, polls, and exclusive artist interviews.


Tech Savvy Streaming: Enjoy seamless, high-quality streaming on all devices, anytime.

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Tune in to Phoenix Radio in Crawley, West Sussex, and fill out a form to get the latest news and information!